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Where did Razia die.. Controversy regarding her Grave 

Razia Sultan's actual site of grave remains shrouded in mystery. There are at least three claims regarding her grave site. This is compounded by the fact that none of the three grave site has epitaph (inscription) on tombstone in memory of the one buried there. So far there are no archaeological or documentary evidences to confirm the site of her grave. The dispute is whether she was buried in Kaithal or Delhi or Tonk, and also where were Altunia and Yakut buried
 Razia's Grave at Old Delhi

First claim is that Razia's grave lies among the narrow lanes of Old Delhi, in a courtyard in Bulbul-i-khana, Shahjahanabad, near the Turkman Gate entrance. the grave has clearly suffered the ravages of time. in 13th century, the site of the tomb was a jungle, and no one knows how Razia's body ended up where it lies today. A second grave, believed to be that of her sister, Shazia, accompanies Razia's. Some of the Muslim residents of the neighborhood have turned a part of the tomb into a mosque, where prayers are conducted five times each day.

Razia's Grave at Siwan near Kaithal in Haryana

Second claim is that the tomb of Razia is situated in Siwan near Kaithal city, Haryana The tomb lies in the north-western suburbs Given the controversy surrounding her grave site, it is possible that she may have been initially interred at Kaithal and then later at Delhi but this remains purely a speculation with no evidence of any kind.

 Razia's Grave at Tonk in Rajasthan

Third and more recent claim that she and her African slave paramour are buried at Tonk in Rajsthan where her father Iltumish had laid a siege The controversy arose after Sayed Sadique Ali, an Urdu lecturer at the local government post-graduate college claimed that the graves at the site are that of Razia and her trusted slave, Yaqut. He based his findings on the calligraphic Arabic script deciphered by the pattern of stones of irregular shapes affixed around the graves. The stones convey a particular message which, according to him, is: "Shahide Muhabbat Quvvatul-Mulk Jamaluddin Yaqut" around the smaller grave, and on the main grave, situated at a higher level, it reads: "Sultanul Hind Razia."
*Razia killed by Jats near Kaithal in Haryana
According to the historian Satish Chandra, Razia died in the year 1239 in raids by bandits in a forest upon returning from battle on her elephant with a halted unit of her army. disapproved by others as she was likely to be on a horse in the battle. Popular legend tells of the queen's death to be an arrow shot into her heart when on the battlefield crying over her husband, Altunia's death. some historical accounts her escape on the horse during the war in a man's disguise, being given shelter by Jats and later killed by them in a skirmish near Kithal

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